Beyond the Box

Lone Star Copiers’ Intelligence Services move beyond the hardware to focus on finding our clients new ways to gain efficiency. Our consultants along with our support and development teams have the experience to identify and create cost effective solutions utilizing both our own products as well as products from our range of solutions partners. Major practice areas include:

Optimized Print Services

Our Optimized Print Services practice is focused on providing comprehensive strategies for managing and deploying output devices within the organization. Historically printers have been viewed as an IT sourced product while MFP’s have been sourced through procurement or administrative functions within the company. This has often resulted in higher costs and unnecessary strain on IT helpdesk and administrative resources. Our consultants utilize a range of assessment tools to understand volume, typical and peak usage patterns and sources of print within the organization to develop a strategy to maximize the efficiency of print devices within the organization. Other Services include:

  • Bundled cost per page programs for all devices that provide a predictable cost
  • Remote management of all print devices (Including non Kyocera Printers)
  • Automated Supply Replenishment
  • Ability to assign print cost by project or department
  • Rules Based Print Routing

Authentication and Security

In today’s complex regulatory environment organizations ranging from Healthcare to Financial Services need to have processes in place to ensure a documented chain of custody for information. Our Authentication and Security practice leverages the inherent security strengths of our MFP line with the added capabilities of our Pagescope Enterprise Suite server based management tools to design effective access control and management protocols that seamlessly integrate into corporate IT environments. Capabilities include:

  • Integration of MFP security with corporate Active Directory or LDAP Servers
  • Secure Hold for Print Technology
  • Access control to MFP via Biometric Finger Vein, Standard HID card, or password


    With the powerful capabilities of today’s MFP devices, including the availability of web browsers and API’s for these products there is an opportunity to gain more efficiency out of your MFP investment. Ranging from developing custom functionality to enhance the loan processing efficiency for major financial institutions to integrating to current fax server or document imaging environments, our Workflow practice is focused on understanding our client’s business requirements and providing effective solutions to meet those requirements. Offerings include:

    • Document Imaging and Management
    • Custom Scanning Solutions
    • Cost Recovery Solutions
    • Workflow Customization by user login
    • Microsoft Sharepoint Integration