Packing and Shipping Instructions

Packing and Shipping Instructions

If possible, please return more than one acceptable Canon Brand item per shipping label to help conserve resources, reduce energy use and shipping costs.
Single Item Return
  1. Repackage the empty acceptable Canon Brand item utilizing the wrapper and pulp mould end-blocks from the new item’s box.
  2. Seal the box.
  3. Print the Canon Return ARS Label.
  4. Secure the label on the box.
  5. Give the package to your UPS driver or drop off at the nearest authorized UPS Store/Customer Center or UPS Authorized Shipping Location.
Bundled Box Return
  1. Complete steps 1-3 from single item return.
  2. Bundle multiple boxes together securely with tape.
  3. Complete steps 4-5 from single item return.
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Volume Box Return
  1. Place as many acceptable Canon Brand items that will safely fit into a sturdy shipping box.
  2. Complete steps 2-5 from single item return.
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When using the Bundled Box or Volume Box Return options, please be sure the shipment does not exceed UPS specifications:

  • Maximum weight is 70 pounds
  • Maximum length is 108 inches
  • Maximum girth is 130 inches (length +2 x width +2 x height)
Please Note:
  • For customers wishing to make a return from Hawaii, Alaska or a United States Territory, please contact 1-800-OK-CANON.
  • Do not send defective cartridges for replacement. Defective cartridges under warranty should be exchanged by an authorized dealer or service facility as provided in the warranty.
  • Canon only authorizes the use of this site to print labels to return acceptable Canon Brand items. Any unauthorized use may result in the return to sender at sender’s expense.

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